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Our History

My name is Engr. Egan Adat Okon-Effiong, an Engineer, Data-Scientist and Business Analyst, and an experienced care giver. One was borne out of duty and the other from passion.

Having had the opportunity to cater to the needs of the elderly in my family and outside my family, I began to experience the wonder and satisfaction that accompanied the knowledge that an old person could smile, anticipate the next day and live longer, because of my contributions.

It was a delight to watch some who had sad stories of abandonment and loneliness, blossom like flowers and bask in the comfort of people like me who shared this passion.

The more I observed critically, the more I began to see how solely lacking my home country, Nigeria and Africa was in the aspect of caring for the aged. With such realization came the burning desire to create something beautiful and all-encompassing for the elderly citizens in Nigeria and Africa.

It was on this premise that THE CITADEL CARE HOME was established.

The aim is to provide physical, emotional, social and cognitive development and care for the elderly above the age of 60.

We are held accountable to the highest standards by demonstrating commitment and passion to sustainability, employing well-trained professionals and providing a highly secured and a conducive home for those who have nowhere to go and no one to cater for them.

The aim is to also get actively involved in communities, spreading our talons into every corner of the Nigerian society and shedding light on the importance of having well-cared-for elderly citizens in our country.

We also want to tell people’s stories, collectively proffer solutions to problems shared.

Because there is need to create awareness, the show AFTER 60 WHAT NEXT? was birthed. The show will help create awareness for this powerful project. For now, AFTER 60 WHAT NEXT? is being aired on our YouTube channel and a pilot has been shot, for you to understand the concept and realize the importance of this initiative. Our wish is that, with time, it would gradually evolve into television and radio shows.

Home Care Team

Winifred Okafor

Business Development Analyst

Engr. Egan Adat Okon-Effiong

Founder and Visioneer

Our Impacts

To be a leading destination for outstanding and unconditional care for the elderly.

To provide a safe space for the promotion of humane focused services tailored to meet the diverse needs of the elderly, encouraging personal growth at a pace applicable to individual strength.

  • Respect for Individuals
  • Staff Development
  • Integrity, Commitment & Transparency
  • Professional Excellency
  • To provide for the elderly, an exceptional standard of care that recognizes the differential factors that come with aging.
  • To help our clients develop and grow at their own pace, while maximizing their potential emotionally, physically, intellectually, socially and spiritually.
  • To provide services which will help elongate their lives and provide smooth transition when nature calls.
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