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The Care

The Citadel Care Home will provide for her clients based on individual needs, promoting independence or alternatively helping and supporting a full and contented lifestyle. Our concern is offering hope and comfort in the provided space. Careers and health specialists who are well trained and experienced makeup our team of social workers/caregivers.  Each home we render our service is sure of housing passionate personnel(s) who has gone through thorough psychological, medical, security and social screening.

Do you need a Social Worker/Caregiver or a nurse to provide home service? Let us help….

Services Available

1. Lodging
2. Residential Care

a. Retirement Services:
Many elderly people may be constrain for different reasons to follow their children to their homes and desire to be where they will still derive the joy of finding age grades to communicate and share old times memories, thus, require to be where the will enjoy living the present life with old and useful memories continuously renewed by their peers and caregivers.

The Citadel Care Home makes provision for retirement independent living suite, to serve the elderly ones who cannot bear isolation and strongly desire to relate with peers will be taken in for a fee. The fee will cover meals, laundry and general services, but without personal care services.

Healthy socialization, safety and security will be on top notch as our services is pushed by passion to offer senior citizens warm and homelike atmosphere in our picturesque home.
This service long term and will be fully available on the completion of our home for lodgment.

b. Respite Care Services:
If you do not want to risk a long-term commitment to residential care or need a short stay for your elderly one this category will suit your desire. It is a brief gateway is available for client who wish to lodge in The Citadel Care Home or require Residential Service.

c. Assisted Living Services:
Families who live home or abroad and have an elderly love one who needs assistant while they are away have no reason to worry as The Citadel Care Home makes provision for assisting living.
Our clients here will enjoy convenience of general household services; dining, lifestyle programs and housekeeping and an additional on-site personal care service to provide service such as medication administration and daily living activities.
These services will be provided for those who wish to lodge in The Citadel Care Home and those who require residential service.

d. Dementia care Services:
Managing an elderly loved ones with cognitive dependencies is often very challenging, overwhelming and extremely emotional for loved ones because of the inconsistent memory-loss, communication difficulties and behavioural alteration, thus, we have made provision in our Home for families who want to entrust such loved ones in our care to ease the hurt of watching them cope with the situational lifestyle. Our service will sure not only give you a relief but will help improve our clients quality of life.
This service will be available for those who wish to lodge the elderly loved ones at The Citadel Care Home.

e. Escort Care Services:
This services is available for Elderly Ones who needs quality and compassionate Care to travel or relocate from one residential location to another. It is a short term services calculated in hours and is completed when our client gets to the arrival resident and a call is put to the client family at the departure resident.

At The Citadel Care Home, Quality and Compassionate Care is our watchword.
Our Services center mostly on:

  • General Caregiving
  • Nursing Care
  • Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • Companionship, etc.

Benefits of Home Healthcare

  1. Cost-effective with excellent clinical outcomes.
  2. Reduced scope of hospital acquired infection.
  3. Personalized care plan approved by the doctor.
  4. One-on-one quality time with professional, reliable and experienced caregivers.
  5. Peace of mind for busy family members who do not have the time nor the skills to care for their loved ones.
  6. Consistent high patient satisfaction.
  7. Accurate monitoring of patient at home
  8. Provision of concise, accurate clinical updates.


  • Residential Nursing care
  • Residential Care
  • Dementia Nursing and Residential Care


  • Management – 3
  • Nurses – 10
  • Social worker/Caregiver – 50

Services Available

Our services are available 24/7

Home Services

The Citadel Care Home presently sources for professional Caregivers/Social Workers for men/women at retirement age of 60 and above who are in need of care and deliver needed service(s) at their residents. Understanding the need of some clients, The Citadel Care Home team is presently working on erecting homes in major States across Nigeria for those who require care outside their resident. The Citadel Care Home promises to be a smart home with nature friendly position. It will have the following major facilities:

  • 30 rooms; 10 for vulnerable and 20 for the others
  • Large kitchen
  • Gardens with lots of economic trees and flowers, walkway and courtyard seating area with herb garden.
  • Activity lounge
  • Large communal dining room for male and female
  • Seated reception areas
  • Laundry services
  • Free Wifi and telephone
  • Several communal lounge and seating areas
  • Conservatory available for private functions
  • Hair dressing Salon and spa
  • Communication gadgets and lots more…