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Engr. Egan Adat Okon-Effiong

My name is Engr. Egan Adat Okon-Effiong, an Engineer, Data-Scientist and Business Analyst, and an experienced care giver. One was borne out of duty and the other from passion.

Having had the opportunity to cater to the needs of the elderly in my family and outside my family, I began to experience the wonder and satisfaction that accompanied the knowledge that an old person could smile, anticipate the next day and live longer, because of my contributions.

It was a delight to watch some who had sad stories of abandonment and loneliness, blossom like flowers and bask in the comfort of people like me who shared this passion.

The more I observed critically, the more I began to see how solely lacking my home country, Nigeria and Africa was in the aspect of caring for the aged. With such realization came the burning desire to create something beautiful and all-encompassing for the elderly citizens in Nigeria and Africa.

It was on this premise that THE CITADEL CARE HOME was established.